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Title: Computer Security - a review of PoisonTap
Post by: rich.carroll on November 16, 2016, 03:04:51 PM
A Java program named PoisonTap has been widely described today.  It will run on most computers, but is most scary when run on a single-board-computer like a Raspberry Pi Zero.  This board is 2.6 inches x 1.2 inches, and is under a quarter inch thick.  Needing only a common USB cable, it can be plugged into any other computer that has a USB port.  It essentially takes over the large computer.It siphons all your information by siphoning any cookies on your machine, it creates a back door to allow any hackers into your computer, and exposes the internal router on your system.  For your reading:

https://goo.gl/X44Lyb (https://goo.gl/X44Lyb)

you can download it from:   https://goo.gl/Mi162Q (https://goo.gl/Mi162Q)

and for good general background:    https://goo.gl/5SyzWt  (https://goo.gl/5SyzWt)
Once this Raspberry Pi has been plugged in to a computer, you likely won't see much, but it will remain infected until you completely clean the system.