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EV Resources

There are many resources to learn about Electric Vehicles. Here are some of the best.

Attend Local EAA Meetings and Join an EAA Chapter!

There is nothing as good as hands on experience with EVs. Come to an FVEAA meeting and see for yourself!

Illinois Alternative Fuels  Rebate Program

The Illinois EPA runs this program where you can receive a $4000 rebate when you convert a gasoline burning car to electric drive!  See the Illinois Green Fleets website for program information.

The EV Album

An awesome collection of thousands of EVs of all types!  Each entry has pictures, detailed descriptions, ability to contact the owner for questions, etc.  A must use resource!

Used EVs

Sometimes buying a used EV makes sense.  Our members sometimes sell their used EVs to other members or use sites like eBay, Craigslist or these sites specific to EV sales:  EV Trading Post or EV Finder.

Electric Vehicle Discussion List - aka EVDL

Thousands of EV enthusiasts from around the world are subscribed to this listserv. You can generally post an EV-related question and have multiple replies within hours!

Be prepared to receive a lot of email if you subscribe. All the information you need to subscribe to the EVDL is here.

Electric Vehicle Books

There are many excellent books written about EVs. Check out this list on Amazon for starters.

Our Parent Organization - The EAA

The FVEAA is the Chicago area chapter of the national organization The Electric Auto Association.